College Night for 12th Grade

Thank you for coming to College Night for 12th Graders. You can see the Power Point slides here.

Another College Admissions Scandal?! This one in Financial Aid.

Read the article here about parents giving up legal custody of their children in order to get  more financial aid!!

College Admissions Scandal

In the Spring of 2019, a scandal in college admissions was revealed in which a private counselor accepted exorbitant payments and then bribed several college athletics offices, as well as standardized test center administrators, creating a "side door" through which he slipped his clients. The revelation sheds light on the pressure to get into elite schools as well as the unfairness of the system as a whole. Listen the this 6-part podcast for details.

The pendulum may be swinging back?

For the last 10-15 years or more, all the talk has been on choosing a college major that most directly and quickly leads to employment. With hindsight, employers are seeing that those degrees don't always provide the soft skills required for a successful career. Read: Why 'worthless' humanities degrees might set you up for lifearticle published by the BBC.

Advice from College Admissions Officers

Read the advice that college admissions officers give their own kids. Click here for the article.

Thinking about College Majors and Careers...

Click here to learn about potential college majors and future careers. This is published by the College Board. It's an excellent resource for teens. Check it out!